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picture of ACE Hard Ciders Space Bloody Orange submitted by LiScigirl
picture of ACE Hard Ciders Space Bloody Orange submitted by LiScigirl

Space Bloody Orange

ABV: 6.9%

Flavored with blood orange. Semi-sweet, somewhat tart, and having funky taste.

Taste Properties


reviewer PricklyCider
PricklyCider (4747) said:
Some days I enjoy this cider more than others. I can pickup a funky smell sometimes but I’ve never noticed it in the taste. I think it is esters from the yeast. I think the blood orange nicely balances the sweetness by adding some acid and bitterness that is needed. If it wasn’t for that smell, I’d buy it more often and rate it higher.
Reviewed on 10 Mar 2019
reviewer MrsMama
MrsMama (13) said:
I like ace pineapple so was more than willing to try their blood orange. It did not disappoint. Fruity, and somewhat sweet. No after taste. Quite refreshing.
Reviewed on 20 May 2018

reviewer SteveS
SteveS (18) said:
A blend of OJ and cider but the blood orange is distinctive. A touch too sweet for me.
Reviewed on 26 Apr 2018
reviewer SippinCiderTakinNames
Never had a blood orange before but my friend says it tastes just like it! Semi dry taste at first and finishes with the punch of an ale. Good for a casual sip!
Reviewed on 08 Jul 2019
reviewer LadyontheHill
LadyontheHill (7) said:
I am a huge fan of anything blood orange. I actually wish it had more distinct blood orange flavor. This is not on the sweet end of ciders.
Reviewed on 26 May 2018
reviewer SBond424
SBond424 (235) said:
I liked this one more than I thought I would! Nice balance of sweetness and tart from the blood orange, this was good and I’ll look for this one again.
Reviewed on 18 Jul 2023
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reviewer tjmem
tjmem (192) said:
There was a thick sludge at the bottom of my bottle. I like unfiltered ciders like Downeast and maybe I just got a bad bottle, but the amount of “stuff” in the drink grossed me out. I couldn’t drink it.
Reviewed on 03 Jan 2022
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reviewer MrsMMorgan
MrsMMorgan (4) said:
This is my favorite hard cider because it is low in sugar/calories and is tart, sweet but not too sweet, unfiltered, and only slightly carbonated. Oh, and it is nearly 7% 🤘🏼
Reviewed on 31 Mar 2020
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reviewer KariB
KariB (11007) said:
Cloudy apricot colored pour. Taste is fruity and sweet with blood orange coming through nice at the end of the sip. Better than expected.
Reviewed on 09 Nov 2017
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