Hawkes Cidery, LND, UK

picture of Hawkes Cidery Soul Trader submitted by danlo
picture of Hawkes Cidery Soul Trader submitted by danlo

Soul Trader

ABV: 5.4%
750 ml serving:

Dry, plus somewhat tart.

Taste Properties


reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13103) said:
Comes in a 750ml bottle. Single varietal from Discovery apples. Pale gold, with a delicate, fruity, somewhat floral, aroma. Lightly fruity, with a white wine quality, which it could be mistaken for, with the apples only really asserting themselves in the finish. Very refreshing, and only lightly gassed; a good option for a hot summer's day. Obtained from Beer Hawk, Wetherby, Yorkshire.
Reviewed on 31 Jul 2019
reviewer PricklyCider
PricklyCider (4931) said:
Tested this when visiting Hawkes. I enjoyed it but it didn’t make my flight choices. It was clear and lightly carbonated with fruity aroma and more inline with the London and Eastern English ciders versus the West Country.
Reviewed on 02 Aug 2019
reviewer GreggOgorzelec
GreggOgorzelec (1441) said:
Very floral, interesting apple flavor . Good body but fades quickly.
Reviewed on 07 Jul 2018
reviewer danlo
danlo (1224) said:
750ml bottle from Brewdog online store. 5.4%. Single Variety Discovery, 71B white wine yeast. Pressed September 2017. Sparkling pale golden golour, short-lived fizzy white foam head and aroma of juicy apple, green apple, apple core. Taste is green apple, juicy, some tartness, apple core, with slight woody and white wine notes, plus some vanilla hints. Light bodied, spritzy carbonation, dry apple skin finish. Nicely drinkable.
Reviewed on 03 Jun 2018
reviewer Judge
Judge (19543) said:
Colour of white wine, light fizz and clear. Single variety. The one I’m drinking is made from Braeburn apples. Aroma of nectarine. Pineapple in the flavour. Crisp, tart and fresh with wine like qualities.
Reviewed on 25 May 2020

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