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picture of Eve's Cidery Beckhorn Hollow submitted by cidersays
picture of Eve's Cidery Beckhorn Hollow submitted by cidersays

Beckhorn Hollow

ABV: 8.5%

Dry, with medium tartness.

Taste Properties


reviewer KariB
KariB (9261) said:
Clear light gold pour sign heavy carbonation. Moderate to strong apple aroma. Solid apple flavor that has elements of bold acidity, light to moderate tartness, light tannins. Also has a bit of slightly bitter citrus and rind. Get a hint of minerals in the finish.
Reviewed on 13 May 2020
reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5114) said:
750ml bottle for $19 from the Schilling Cider House (the first time I've seen Eve's cider in the area). Made from Golden Russet, Wealthy, Wixson, Cox Orange Pippin, Northern Spy, Manchurian Crab, Spigold, and Idared (mostly heirloom varieties). Methode champenoise (naturally sparkling). Very sharp and completely dry (0% residual sugar per the cidery). I tried it mostly just to try it, knowing this isn't my favorite style of cider (my husband really loved it though). Notes of sharp crabapple bite, citrus (orange), peach, potato starch, honey, mineral, white grape, and yeast. Moderate to high complexity but low flavor intensity.
Reviewed on 16 Jul 2016
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