Aspall, SFK, UK

picture of Aspall Dry English Cider submitted by cidersays
picture of Aspall Dry English Cider submitted by cidersays

Dry English Cider

ABV: 6.8%

English style cider. Dry, and smooth tasting.

Taste Properties


reviewer Blueap9562
Blueap9562 (472) said:
Soft, thin, pale yellow with hints of carbonation. Notes of white wine and pear, finished crisp but soft. Pretty solid dry cider.
Reviewed on 23 Nov 2022
reviewer PricklyCider
PricklyCider (4835) said:
The pour is clear yellow with light to medium effervescence. The aroma is apple. The taste is dry to semi dry apple with some tart. The finish is short to medium acid and light astringency. The body and mouthfeel is light. It’s a nice London or eastern English cider. It has a nice balance all around. I enjoyed it.
Reviewed on 09 Oct 2019

reviewer NED
NED (526) said:
Tastes like a Grüner Veltliner made with apples. Hint of lime/citrus, plenty of apple punch with light sweetness and lots of carbonation. Very drinkable, would love to pair with spicy foods to test its similarity to Grüner.
Reviewed on 19 Feb 2018
reviewer RobotXLB
RobotXLB (271) said:
I would say semi-sweet but refreshing, like a bite into a crisp green apple.
Reviewed on 08 Mar 2021
reviewer Ashley_Lombardo
Ashley_Lombardo (238) said:
as dry as I've tried lately. a cider for beer lovers(& me).
Reviewed on 22 Sep 2017
reviewer CindyLarson
CindyLarson (7) said:
there's some sweetness with aftertastes of bitterness
Reviewed on 29 Jul 2016
reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5160) said:
Very crisp & smooth with a traditional English cider taste.
Reviewed on 15 Aug 2015
reviewer ConnCider
ConnCider (79) said:
Certainly sweeter than I expected. Floral aspects to it.
Reviewed on 06 Aug 2017
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reviewer IrishCiders
IrishCiders (67) said:
a dry cider produce by one of the bigger cider producers in the UK. quite a high abv gives this cider a dry smooth taste. medium carbonation added to the fuitfull flavor creates a very good cider
Reviewed on 05 Sep 2017
reviewer GreggOgorzelec
GreggOgorzelec (1441) said:
Despite the name it's a semi sweet fruity cider.
Reviewed on 10 Jul 2017

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