Aspall, SFK, UK

picture of Aspall Imperial Cyder submitted by Judge
picture of Aspall Imperial Cyder submitted by Judge

Imperial Cyder

ABV: 8.2%
500 ml serving: 385 cal,

English style cider, sweetened with sugar. Dry, moderately bitter, and somewhat tart.

Taste Properties


reviewer RorySkywalker
RorySkywalker (671) said:
It’s sweeter than you’d think, and that’s on the other side of medium-sweet. It’s strong too, at 8.2% - you couldn’t sink too many of these, unless there were a bed or nice hay bale nearby. I’m a big fan of Aspall’s ciders so I looked forward to sampling this one. It’s light gold in colour with a shimmer of bronze haze. It’s punchy, sour, fruity and very earthy. It’s quite acidic, a tad too much for my palate with a slightly bitter aftertaste - but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it makes it taste like an authentic ‘farmyard’ sparkling cider. It’s very sharp in taste and my expectation was that it would be a bit smoother like Henry Weston’s Vintage (also 8.2%). I had this cider after a long day pressing apples in the garden (making my own annual cider) and would say it’s best enjoyed alone. I’d give it 5/5 but it’s not as smooth as I’d like from a premium cider such as this one and therefore it’s a solid and worthy 4/5. Some will give it 5/5 I’m sure as it certainly doesn’t deserve a 3/5. Would buy again with the intention of knowing I’m drinking it alone, without a snack - and very chilled.
Reviewed on 15 Oct 2022
reviewer ThomasM
ThomasM (926) said:
Aspall Imperial Cyder (8.2% ABV, 500ml). This one came without a front label somehow. It differs in many ways from the other Aspall ciders I've tried, in a good way. The colour is clear deep amber. Medium body, moderate carbonation. Aroma has ripe apples, fudge, hints of raisin, clove. Almost completely different from the other ones. On the palate, baked apples, raisins, tannic bitterness, mild caramel - all that but still being semi-dry. Mild bitterness in the finish, with faint candied apple, oak and vanilla in the aftertaste. FINALLY an Aspall cider that appeals to me, and not just because of the elevated ABV ;). 8/10
Reviewed on 09 Nov 2023
reviewer herharmony23
herharmony23 (2594) said:
Had this one in the UK a month ago from a bottle at a party. It's my favourite of the Aspall ciders so far.
Reviewed on 19 Sep 2015
reviewer lobsterkatie
lobsterkatie (181) said:
A little more bite than I’d choose (I like things pretty sweet) but pretty decent cold and with the fizz let out.
Reviewed on 04 Jun 2022
reviewer DanK
DanK (116) said:
A lighter cider for the warm days!
Reviewed on 27 Jul 2018

reviewer sam.burskis
sam.burskis (5) said:
Affordable quality cider, a must have while visiting any place in UK
Reviewed on 31 Mar 2018
reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13103) said:
Amber-coloured, with a rich, fruity aroma, and a syrupy character. The flavour is rich and tangy, with complex tones of tea, raisins, and toffee, and marked bitterness in the aftertaste. This inspires thoughts of winter nights by the stove, perhaps with a strong cheese and oatcakes. Too rich and alcoholic to have more than a couple, but a good drink in moderation.
Reviewed on 04 Oct 2017

reviewer Slainte
Slainte (715) said:
Tasty, would appeal to a wide variety of palates.
Reviewed on 25 Jul 2015
reviewer jsharp411
jsharp411 (65) said:
Very flavorful! Very balanced, crisp with sweetness that is very easy to drink. It is the best I've ever had!
Reviewed on 07 Jun 2015
reviewer anadances
anadances (56) said:
Reviewed on 07 Jun 2015
reviewer Judge
Judge (19573) said:
Amber colour, moderate fizz and clear. Aroma of whisky and oak. Rich flavour with oak, caramel and a whisky burn.
Reviewed on 12 Aug 2021
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reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5160) said:
Different from the black label cider of the same name and ABV, oddly enough. This one has more bitterness, more alcohol burn, less tannins, no oak notes, slightly less sweetness, and less richness. Overall I really like it, but it doesn't come close to the black label version of Imperial, which is one of my all time favorite ciders. My best guess is the blue label replaced the black label, but its tough to tell. If I can't find the black label one again I'll be disappointed.
Reviewed on 18 Apr 2016
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reviewer Hugo
Hugo (691) said:
I loved this cider, it has age, depth, body, complexity, good tartness and bitterness to balance the vanilla and caramel. Fruit backward, but it's apple heritage shines.
Reviewed on 01 Jul 2015
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reviewer barbara.millikan
barbara.millikan (56) said:
Smokey flavor, is this brewed in oak?
Reviewed on 07 Jun 2015
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reviewer Lacey
Lacey (67) said:
Strong full flavor and mild tartness, sweet and a little bitter and astringent at the same time.
Reviewed on 07 Jun 2015
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reviewer ouphrontis
ouphrontis (58) said:
Yeast in the nose. Barnyard in the taste, and really good
Reviewed on 07 Jun 2015
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