Original Sin Craft Cider, NY, US

picture of Original Sin Craft Cider Elderberry submitted by ShawnFrank
picture of Original Sin Craft Cider Elderberry submitted by ShawnFrank


ABV: 5.0%
12 oz serving: 150 cal, 9g sugar

Flavored with elderberry. Dry, and somewhat tart.

Taste Properties


reviewer david
david (4878) said:
It’s got a very distinctive taste, from the elderberry I guess, which is very prominent. Quite tart, and not too sweet.
Reviewed on 26 Apr 2018

reviewer PricklyCider
PricklyCider (4931) said:
Had this for the first time. In fact was my first elderberry cider. After being exposed to elderflower cider while in England, I wanted to try an elderberry. I read it adds some nice bitters and color, and it does. It reminds me of pomegranate cider except that it’s slightly more purple in color. Original sin did a very nice job with this cider. Nice balance on sweet, acid, and bitters. I really enjoyed and highly recommend.
Reviewed on 22 Mar 2019
reviewer ShawnFrank
ShawnFrank (689) said:
At Chicago Cider Summit. Dry but sweet? Yes, it's true. There's something about this cider that brings you in but leaves it less than perfect.
Reviewed on 13 Feb 2017
reviewer Myopic_Celiac
Myopic_Celiac (57) said:
This one has such a great flavor without being overpowering. It's also perfect for Monty Python references. I like it as its not too sweet but it's not something I would choose over a local cider.
Reviewed on 04 Oct 2016

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