Tieton Cider Works, WA, US

picture of Tieton Cider Works Apricot submitted by herharmony23
picture of Tieton Cider Works Apricot submitted by herharmony23


ABV: 6.9%
12 oz serving:

Cider with apricot. Semi-sweet, smooth tasting, and having mild fruit taste.

Taste Properties


reviewer KariB
KariB (11007) said:
Strong and tart flavor that has a nice balance between apple and apricot. Semi-sweet. Light bodied and clear with moderate carbonation.
Reviewed on 02 Dec 2019
reviewer PricklyCider
PricklyCider (4931) said:
The nose was apple and some alcohol. The pour is slightly hazy with an orange tint. I didn’t pick up the apricot until the finish but that’s not a flaw. It also has some citrus notes in the finish, like lemon. I thought I noted some pineapple but my wife said I was just making that up. Someone tell me if I’m making it up! Overall, I quite enjoyed this cider. The apricot adjunct was done nicely.
Reviewed on 12 Jun 2019

reviewer Cideristas
Cideristas (5963) said:
Strong, tart flavor that’s very apricot forward but also a little citrusy. Quite dry.
Reviewed on 04 Apr 2022

reviewer Herharmony2835
Herharmony2835 (555) said:
I am updating my 2016 review from a bottle of this I had then. Then was November 2016 and this is the same cider from a can, in February 2022. It is a fair bit different. Its still listed as semi-sweet but has a drier, slightly bitter flavor compared to what I wrote in 2016. The apricot taste is slight and a bit unidentifiable. Had I not known it was apricot I might not have guessed. It really is just disappointingly ok. Not as good as their fruit ciders generally are.
Reviewed on 06 Feb 2022
reviewer smadler
smadler (130) said:
Tart, not too sweet, but well balanced and easily drinkable. Bubbles aren't overwhelming and overall a nice year-round flavor.
Reviewed on 04 Jan 2020
reviewer NancyMerrell
NancyMerrell (357) said:
Highly enjoyable! Drinking out of a 12 oz can, and the apricot comes through easily and deliciously. Wondering if the packaging makes a difference based on previous reviews? Also sweeter than I expected, which is fine to me. Would drink this regularly if it wasn't so expensive at my local store.
Reviewed on 18 Oct 2019

reviewer ncroge
ncroge (30) said:
very light, but has a good taste. I would definitely drink it again, and often.
Reviewed on 18 Aug 2019
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reviewer MikeS
MikeS (68) said:
Missing an apricot taste...
Reviewed on 18 Sep 2019
reviewer herharmony23
herharmony23 (2594) said:
Had this cider from Tieton Ciderworks in Yakima today, at 74th st Pub in Seattle. Not on draft but from a bottle. Really lovely. Like alcoholic dried apricots. It's a bit sweet, but went quite well with my grilled tuna melt jalapeño sandwich. ❤️
Reviewed on 28 Nov 2016

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