Tieton Cider Works, WA, US

picture of Tieton Cider Works Cherry Cider submitted by noses
picture of Tieton Cider Works Cherry Cider submitted by noses

Cherry Cider

ABV: 6.9%

Cider with cherry. Semi-sweet, plus somewhat tart.

Taste Properties


reviewer PointMeAtTheDawn
PointMeAtTheDawn (233) said:
The most cherry flavor I've found, which admittedly isn't saying much.
Reviewed on 06 Aug 2021

reviewer dunadan
dunadan (256) said:
Great cherry flavor in this cider. Fruit-forward, clean tasting, not too sweet. Very drinkable.
Reviewed on 05 Apr 2022

reviewer NancyMerrell
NancyMerrell (357) said:
Pretty tart, strong cherry but also a mild apple taste too. Delicious, satisfying, and multiple things going on here, which add up to very good cider. Maybe a little too tart for me, so not sure I would drink it often.
Reviewed on 12 Mar 2020

reviewer Herharmony2835
Herharmony2835 (555) said:
Love this cider! Rich cherry taste but tart, even though it’s semi sweet.
Reviewed on 15 Jan 2022

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reviewer PricklyCider
PricklyCider (4747) said:
The pour is garnet with light effervescence. The aroma is cherry and beet. The taste is semi dry, tart, and cherry. It has some body and the finish is sweet and tart. It’s not my favorite. I think they are using a sweeter cherry and I find that I prefer a tart cherry that gives it just a blush. I also like fermenting the cherry with the apple when I make a cherry variety. It’s okay. Not one I’m going to seek out.
Reviewed on 06 Aug 2019

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reviewer KariB
KariB (11007) said:
Clear cherry red pour with moderate carbonation. Light dark fruit aroma. Taste has a really nice cherry flavor balanced by a hint of red apple.
Reviewed on 15 Mar 2019
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reviewer CiderMan
CiderMan (82) said:
Not my favorite from Tieton, but this was the first cherry cider I tried back in the day. Not a fan of most things cherry, this cider opened my mind to cherry ciders! Great quality product, and you always know it's going to be good if it's Tieton.
Reviewed on 12 Apr 2017

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reviewer AmyKohlin
AmyKohlin (59) said:
Slightly tart cherry flavor
Reviewed on 17 Jan 2018
reviewer lizsavage
lizsavage (1890) said:
This cider is delicious. Not Complex for those of you looking for complex finish.
Reviewed on 29 Aug 2015

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