Tieton Cider Works, WA, US

picture of Tieton Cider Works Huckleberry submitted by PricklyCider
picture of Tieton Cider Works Huckleberry submitted by PricklyCider


ABV: 6.9%
12 oz serving: 236 cal, 16g sugar

Cider with huckleberry. Sweet, and somewhat tart.

Taste Properties


reviewer Herharmony2835
Herharmony2835 (555) said:
Yay! I’m finally back on! This is a delicious, light, fruity cider. And a beautiful brownish burgundy colour.
Reviewed on 29 Sep 2021
reviewer PricklyCider
PricklyCider (4931) said:
The pour is a clear burgundy with light carbonation. The aroma is a sour berry. The taste is a sweet, sour, and tart. I’ve. never had a huckleberry. This reminds me of the juice from pickled beets. After looking up and reading it is similar to blueberry, I also can pick up that element too. The mouthfeel is medium bodied. The finish is medium acidic and slightly astringent. I also have some sour notes on the finish. It is growing in me as I drink it.
Reviewed on 15 Jul 2021

reviewer LarryKron
LarryKron (8) said:
Reddish in color. No head, somewhat flat. Sweet tasting. Glad I ordered one but no need to reorder. Drinkable, pleasant, but nothing special.
Reviewed on 05 Nov 2018

reviewer herharmony23
herharmony23 (2594) said:
My daughter got me a bottle of this. LOVE IT! Not too sweet, not too dry, fantastic fruit flavor that doesn’t taste fake.
Reviewed on 10 Dec 2018

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