Alpenfire Cider, WA, US

picture of Alpenfire Cider Ember submitted by cidersays
picture of Alpenfire Cider Ember submitted by cidersays


ABV: 7.3%

Certified organic, sulfite free. Dry, somewhat tart, and having moderate bitterness.

Taste Properties


reviewer KariB
KariB (11006) said:
Slightly cloudy dark gold pour with moderate carbonation. Bittersweet aroma with a distinct tannic presence. Taste is fruity with a very nice apple taste but also bittersweet and tannic like the nose. Somewhat buttery mouthfeel. Medium acidity.
Reviewed on 24 Dec 2018
reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5160) said:
Bottle pour at Cider Summit Seattle 2015. Made from French & English bittersweet apples, organic, wild fermented, and bottle conditioned. Semi-dry. Higher carbonation. Very high tannins and moderate astringency (I’d almost describe the mouthfeel as “chunky” lol). I wasn’t really a fan, but folks who like a really high tannin ciders probably would. I really love their Spark! and Apocalypso though, which are their more approachable and sweeter varieties. Their Smoke was also pretty tasty.
Reviewed on 16 Oct 2015
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