Alpenfire Cider, WA, US

picture of Alpenfire Cider Shrub submitted by kiyose
picture of Alpenfire Cider Shrub submitted by kiyose


Certified organic. Dry, smooth tasting, and having mild fruit taste.

Taste Properties


reviewer kiyose
kiyose (1978) said:
Shrub is a mix of an Alpenfire dry with a blackberry puree and a Alpenfire cider vinegar. It yields a lovely and refreshing base for a cocktail when mixed with sparkling water and could easily take the place of a Sangria on a hot summer afternoon. Luckily we are experiencing a heat wave here in Seattle.
Reviewed on 08 Jun 2016
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reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5160) said:
Cider + vinegar + blackberry puree + sparkling water = unique cocktail. Not as weird as I was expecting, but I'm not a vinegar fan, and you could definitely taste the vinegar. It didn't cross over into the true sour category though, only tart and acetic.
Reviewed on 10 Jun 2016

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