picture of Aspall Grand Cru English Cider submitted by cidersays
picture of Aspall Grand Cru English Cider submitted by cidersays

Grand Cru English Cider

Aspall, Suffolk, United Kingdom
ABV: 6.8%
500 ml serving: English style cider. Dry, and somewhat tart.
This cider has been retired from production

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reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13056) said:
This was one of the first ciders I rated on Cider Expert, and I don't think this is even produced any more; I haven't seen it in the shops in ages. However, on a visit to a friend, they dug out a bottle from the back of cupboard, and it wasn't too out of date, so I got to drink it again, and finally write a review! Rich golden colour, with an aroma of ripe fruit, carrying tones of citrus and leather. The flavour is initially a little sweet, with some floral notes and soft tannins, which develop on the palate, delivering a drier, woody aftertaste, and a long finish. Well-balanced, characterful cider. Shame if this is no longer available.
Reviewed on 24 Apr 2018

reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5095) said:
Yum! Aspall hasn't disappointed me yet. This seems like a combination of English, French, and American cider...it has the tannins of an English cider, some yeastiness & additional carbonation of a French cider, and the sweetness & tartness of an American cider. A great value for $7 for 500ml. I agree its between semi-dry and semi-sweet, but I didn't pick up any funk. Notes of apple juice, granny smith apple skin, yeast, honey, floral, mineral, stone fruit, and pineapple.
Reviewed on 04 Jul 2016
reviewer KariB
KariB (6941) said:
Clear copper colored pour. Moderate carbonation. Nice apple aroma with some funk and tannins present. Moderate-to-strong apple flavor that is tart, woody and slightly funky with a nice acidity. Really enjoyable straight-up cider.
Reviewed on 27 Jun 2019
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reviewer Freepster
Freepster (70) said:
Good stuff Dry and sweet and balanced
Reviewed on 24 Nov 2016

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reviewer david
david (3809) said:
This tastes somewhere between semi dry and semi sweet. It has a little bit of a funky aftertaste, but not at all overwhelming. Would drink again.
Reviewed on 13 Mar 2016
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