Pilton, SOM, UK

picture of Pilton Tamoshanta 2021 submitted by Judge
picture of Pilton Tamoshanta 2021 submitted by Judge

Tamoshanta 2021

ABV: 5.0%
330 ml serving:

English style cider. Semi-sweet, with full body.

Taste Properties


reviewer Judge
Judge (19387) said:
Copper coloured, clear with moderate to heavy fizz. This is barrel fermented and Keeved. Ripe apple aroma. Rich baked apple flavour with a bit of smoke and a hint of vanilla.
Reviewed on 16 Mar 2023

reviewer RichardH22
RichardH22 (1767) said:
This really is a sensational offering from Pilton. A fruity, full-bodied, keeved cider partially fermented in scotch whisky barrels with a still composition that really suits its identity. It's mature semi sweet nature really holds its own with rich smokey whisky flavours and hints baked apple and vanilla that permeate throughout. A very enjoyable, sophisticated cider that deserves to be savoured.
Reviewed on 05 Jun 2024
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