Perry's Cider, SOM, UK

picture of Perry's Cider Grey Heron submitted by misslindoff
picture of Perry's Cider Grey Heron submitted by misslindoff

Grey Heron

ABV: 5.5%
500 ml serving:

English style cider. Semi-sweet, smooth tasting, with mild fruit taste.

Taste Properties


reviewer PricklyCider
PricklyCider (3405) said:
Was fortunate to have this at Perry’s tasting room and to get a bottle back with me in the US to share with friends. II’ll admit that I still rank the Tremlett as my favorite but I do enjoy this one as well. It has the body and astringency you’d expect from a West Country Cider but also a nice touch of residual sweetness. A little cloudy and a little funk at the end but definitely worth finding if you like a cider with body and especially if you’re in the mood for something a little sweet.
Reviewed on 04 May 2019

reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13058) said:
Made from Redstreak and Dabinett cider apples from a single orchard. Hazy amber, with a lightly fruity aroma and copper tones. Tangy and sweet with a ripe apple character, and a little funk in the aftertaste. Pleasant and well-made.
Reviewed on 01 Jan 2018

reviewer Fegrig
Fegrig (189) said:
Cloudy with some sediment, unusual. Sweet with some fizz, not bad though. I could drink more.
Reviewed on 21 Dec 2017
reviewer DebzJ
DebzJ (19) said:
Northern Railway
Reviewed on 19 Sep 2020
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reviewer Judge
Judge (7639) said:
Slight haze, mild ish fizz and copper colour. Aroma is entirely off ripe sweet apples. Flavour of apple with light caramel. Slightly sweet with a little tang and a little funk.
Reviewed on 20 Jan 2019

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