Perry's Cider, SOM, UK

picture of Perry's Cider Puffin submitted by BushWalker
picture of Perry's Cider Puffin submitted by BushWalker


ABV: 6.5%
500 ml serving:

English style cider. Dry, and a little funky.

Taste Properties


reviewer Judge
Judge (15709) said:
Amber, pretty cloudy and fizzy. Ripe apple aroma with oak. Oak is very prominent in the taste and there is high tannins and a good bit of funk.
Reviewed on 20 Jan 2019

reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13089) said:
This is a small-batch, oak-matured, bottle-conditioned cider, from a long-established cidery. Amber-coloured, with a strong aroma of ripe apple, oak, and autumn leaves. The initial spiced apple flavour is dominated by the oak-maturation, which delivers strong tannins; the aftertaste carries some funk. I like ciders with strong oak and tannin, so I found this very drinkable, and one of the better still ciders I have had, as well as the best Perry's I've tasted.
Reviewed on 07 Oct 2017

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reviewer KevinG
KevinG (156) said:
slightly hazy, and moderate carbonation. Quite dry on the tongue, with a slight bitter aftertaste. a pleasant drink.
Reviewed on 15 Dec 2019
reviewer DeanLove
DeanLove (4) said:
Just fizzy dry weirdness
Reviewed on 27 Oct 2018

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