Citizen Cider, VT, US

picture of Citizen Cider The Dirty Mayor submitted by KariB
picture of Citizen Cider The Dirty Mayor submitted by KariB

The Dirty Mayor

ABV: 5.2%

Flavored with lemon and ginger. Dry, smooth tasting, and mild fruit taste.

Taste Properties


reviewer KathrynOliviaChinetti
Again overpowering ginger - I like ginger but at what cost?!
Reviewed on 27 Feb 2018
reviewer DABurkhart
DABurkhart (195) said:
I love the balance of apple and ginger in The Dirty Mayor. The ginger is strong almost like a pepper flavor - making this a cider to drink for its taste alone. Pairing with food is a little tricky but it worked surprisingly well with bbq chicken and pulled pork.
Reviewed on 26 Aug 2019

reviewer Cideristas
Cideristas (3355) said:
Enjoyed this on its own, then saw it on the menu at a high-end Chinese restaurant and realized that its true calling is to be paired with spicy food. Highly effervescent, rich with ginger: this is an elegant cider of its type.
Reviewed on 01 Feb 2019

reviewer matths1015
matths1015 (209) said:
semi-dry which makes it easier to drink. Has a great hint of ginger and nice body to it
Reviewed on 24 Mar 2020
reviewer KariB
KariB (10155) said:
Pale colored pour with moderate carbonation. Strong aroma of ginger. Taste is somewhat spicy with a nice ginger flavor and a hint of lemon.
Reviewed on 14 Dec 2018
reviewer MrBingo
MrBingo (80) said:
vote for Donnelly! love this one for the ginger kick!
Reviewed on 05 Jun 2019
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reviewer kikidrinks
kikidrinks (182) said:
a bit strong on the ginger
Reviewed on 28 Jun 2019

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