picture of Portland Cider Co. Kinda Dry submitted by Hugo
picture of Portland Cider Co. Kinda Dry submitted by Hugo

Kinda Dry

Portland Cider Co., Oregon, United States
ABV: 6.8%
Dry, and smooth tasting.

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reviewer Hugo
Hugo (689) said:
Crisp clean taste, light straw, mild bubble, deceptively alcoholic. Sweetness builds over time, starts out semi dry and ends semi sweet.
Reviewed on 14 Jun 2017

reviewer ShawnFrank
ShawnFrank (682) said:
At Cider Summit Chicago. From a bottle pour. They were out of the Sangria but I was pleasantly surprised with this. I agree, this is kinda dry but just the right amount for me. The apple comes through nicely.
Reviewed on 13 Feb 2017
reviewer herharmony23
herharmony23 (2395) said:
They’ve updated this cider since I tried it last. It’s flavourful and not at all bitter like it was a year ago.
Reviewed on 12 Dec 2015
reviewer david
david (3758) said:
This is a bit dryer than I usually like, but this is has a nice body and fruit flavor to make it OK for me. It's not a particularly complex cider, more for having a pint or two rather than sipping.
Reviewed on 08 Dec 2015

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