Portland Cider Co., OR, US

picture of Portland Cider Co. Sangria submitted by cidersays
picture of Portland Cider Co. Sangria submitted by cidersays


ABV: 5.5%

Sessionable, flavored with with 7 fruit juices. Semi-sweet, and having rich fruit aroma.

Taste Properties


reviewer laurinwanderland
laurinwanderland (515) said:
This is an adult fruit punch. It’s another Portland Cider Co staple that I absolutely adore. It holds fruity aromas and is blended with juices from oranges, strawberries, pears, passion fruit, elderberry and lime. I convince myself it’s just like taking elderberry vitamins for a cold ;) It’s got a semi-sweet but definitely not overly sweet taste with mild acidity and no bitter aftertaste.
Reviewed on 26 Sep 2020
reviewer david
david (4839) said:
Kind of like an alcoholic fruit punch. Not too sweet, but all the different fruit juices definitely come through.
Reviewed on 12 Feb 2017

reviewer dunadan
dunadan (255) said:
Tastes like sangria, clean fruit taste, like alcoholic fruit cocktail (in a good way).
Reviewed on 09 Jun 2019
reviewer lizsavage
lizsavage (1889) said:
Lovely fruit but a bit sweet.
Reviewed on 19 Feb 2017

reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5159) said:
A new addition to their year round lineup - their Sorta Sweet cider with orange, strawberry, pear, passion fruit, elderberry, and lime fruit juices. Intensely fruity and flavorful with notes of strawberry, kiwi, white grape, passion fruit, and lime.
Reviewed on 04 Feb 2017
reviewer RossO
RossO (8) said:
Will drink too much, if given the chance. No bite to slow me down. Get another bucket for me.
Reviewed on 18 Aug 2017

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reviewer herharmony23
herharmony23 (2594) said:
Light, fruity, delicate flavour and...PINK! Hits all my buttons. :-)
Reviewed on 19 Feb 2017
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