picture of Sandford Orchards The General submitted by kiyose
picture of Sandford Orchards The General submitted by kiyose

The General

Sandford Orchards, Devon, United Kingdom
ABV: 8.4 %
English style cider. Dry, strongly astringent, and moderate bitterness.

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reviewer herharmony23
herharmony23 (1504) said:
badges earned 20
This is a fairly dry one, bitter, not as fruity as I tend to like and doesn't seem that English in style to me (though I've only had about half a dozen english ciders, so what do I know?) There's a nice light taste at first, then BAM-big bitter hit. Not a fave.
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reviewer lizsavage
lizsavage (1694) said:
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I don't know a English it is, but definitely astringent. Dry but nice fruit and body. A little too astringent for my taste.

- Reviewed at Schilling Cider House in Seattle

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reviewer cidersays
cidersays (3656) said:
badges earned 23
Too bitter for my liking, especially with the dryness and acidity.

reviewer Reena
Reena (584) said:
badges earned 17
Strong fruit aroma, dry and fairly complex, but a little too watered down for my liking

- Reviewed at Wassail in New York

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