picture of Sandford Orchards Devon Red submitted by danlo
picture of Sandford Orchards Devon Red submitted by danlo

Devon Red

Sandford Orchards, Devon, United Kingdom
ABV: 4.5%
500 ml serving: English style cider. Dry, smooth tasting, and having mild fruit taste.

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reviewer Judge
Judge (2717) said:
Amber colour, slightly hazy with the mildest fizz. I can’t place it but I find the aroma slightly off putting. It is smooth and tastes of ripe apples with a little wood in the back ground. I find it a little watery in flavour.
Reviewed on 01 Jul 2019

reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (12650) said:
Made from a blend of Farmer's Glory, Dabinett, and Sweet Alford cider apples. Pale copper-coloured, with little aroma beyond a slight fruitiness and a metallic edge. Lightly fruity flavour, with slight tannic bitterness and a little wood in the aftertaste. Inoffensive, if a little bland and lacking in character. Sessionable and drinkable, but not a high priority!
Reviewed on 28 Mar 2018

reviewer pubgypsy
pubgypsy (927) said:
This is a really smooth DEVON cider. Made in Crediton, Devon from Farmers Glory, Dabinett and Sweet Alford apple varieties. I could drink this cider all night - if someone would be willing to fund it.
Reviewed on 22 Dec 2018
reviewer missusblaze
missusblaze (134) said:
A lovely golden coloured cider. slight aftertaste but nothing too overpowering. this is the kind of cider you could relax with of an evening infront of the tv.
Reviewed on 19 Nov 2017
reviewer danlo
danlo (1209) said:
500ml bottle. Sparkling golden colour, short-lived fizzy white foam head and aroma of tangy apple. Taste is apple, fruity, some tartness, with light wood and drying tannins. Light to medium bodied, spritzy carbonation, dry finish. Quite OK.
Reviewed on 26 Aug 2017

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