Hogan's Cider, WAR, UK

picture of Hogan's Cider Hogan’s Dry (bottled) submitted by BushWalker
picture of Hogan's Cider Hogan’s Dry (bottled) submitted by BushWalker

Hogan’s Dry (bottled)

ABV: 5.8%
500 ml serving:

English style cider, sweetened with sugar. Dry, full bodied, plus moderately bitter.

Taste Properties


reviewer RorySkywalker
RorySkywalker (616) said:
Smokey and earthy. This is the Laphroaig of the cider world. You might like it, you might not - I personally love it and have only given it 4 rather than 5 because of a slight watery taste - but it doesn’t detract too much. This cider is deep golden yellow brown in colour and very light in carbonation. It really lingers and has a real punch. Goes lovely with a strong cheddar. It has a very complex taste, is full bodied and one of a kind. There is a draught version of this cider, which I don’t believe is as strong - but I’ve only had it in The Cardinal’s Hat in Worcester, UK. I love this cider as a treat - but it’s not a session cider by any means. I feel bad not giving it 5/5, but I just reserve the full 5 stars for the ones I find outstanding. 4 stars is by now means to be shirked at. Bought this in the Co-op along with the medium version.
Reviewed on 19 Jun 2022
reviewer Judge
Judge (19179) said:
Golden colour, clear with mid range fizz. Earthy aroma. Smokey farmyard taste. A little watery in taste.
Reviewed on 01 Jun 2020

reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13102) said:
Rich, golden colour, with an aroma combining resin and smoke. Tangy fruit flavour, with a little smoke, and peaty funk in the finish, reminiscent of a West Coast Scotch Malt Whisky. Depth and character which will appeal to a whisky connoisseur. Drinkable, and surprisingly refreshing.
Reviewed on 04 Jun 2019

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