Thatchers Cider Company, SOM, UK

picture of Thatchers Cider Company Rascal submitted by pubgypsy
picture of Thatchers Cider Company Rascal submitted by pubgypsy


ABV: 4.5%

Semi-sweet, and having moderate bitterness.

Taste Properties


reviewer ThomasM
ThomasM (926) said:
Thatchers Rascal (4.5% ABV, 500ml). Clear, deep golden colour. Rather meek aroma of slightly mouldy, semi-sweet apples, mild vanilla. Light to medium body, moderate carbonation. Ripe, bitter-sweet apples on the palate, rather fruity, plus some apple skins, mild yeast. Moderate tannic bitterness in the finish and aftertaste, with some apple sweetness left behind. Definitely one of the company's better ciders (Which isn't saying much, admittedly); uncomplicated, but with good fruit flavours, not too much carbonation, and no sweeteners or malic acid added. Likeable (7/10).
Reviewed on 06 Nov 2023
reviewer RichardH22
RichardH22 (1837) said:
Dark amber colour, slightly carbonated. Smooth with a rich taste and a slight sweet toffee flavour.
Reviewed on 23 Sep 2023
reviewer IanWhitlock
IanWhitlock (1638) said:
One of Thatchers better ciders. No thrills, just good old honest apples. Definitely an all day drinker.
Reviewed on 24 Dec 2020

reviewer GaryG
GaryG (1026) said:
This is one of Thatcher's better cides. Deep amber clear colour with light carbonation. Fruity smell with a hint of toffee apple. This cider is similar to Thatcher's gold but with fewer artificial flavours. The Dabinett apple comes through nicely, which I believe is the base for this cider. This is a medium sweet cider and is very inoffensive. This is suitable for pretty much any cider drinker unless you only like dry cider.
Reviewed on 10 Apr 2023
reviewer juliepowell30
juliepowell30 (135) said:
Not the best, strange after taste, but if you like it or nothing else available one bottle is enough. Too sweet for me.
Reviewed on 23 Feb 2023
reviewer Ian_Hunts
Ian_Hunts (427) said:
Pretty sweet with a faint sickly after taste. That said could probably throw a few pints down my neck & only 4.5%
Reviewed on 14 Nov 2021
reviewer Vero
Vero (7) said:
Is great together with grilled Oyster (slices of green paprika, garlic, sage; cooked with butter, Ayvar and fresh Orange juice; gratinated with yellow Cheddar).
Reviewed on 29 Dec 2020
reviewer Judge
Judge (19573) said:
Deep amber colour, clear and gassy. Aroma of yeast and butter. Flavour of sherry with apple skin. Smooth and rich bit too gassy. There’s also something in the taste i just can’t get on with.
Reviewed on 22 Nov 2019

reviewer Happles
Happles (88) said:
Liked it. A nice change from their Gold.
Reviewed on 27 Jun 2023
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reviewer Blahblah2022
Blahblah2022 (30) said:
Tastes like apple juice!
Reviewed on 02 May 2022
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reviewer pubgypsy
pubgypsy (1127) said:
For a cider produced by a large company this is better than most. I could drink many jugs of this - any chance of Thatchers sending me a few bottles free of charge? Contains sulphites.
Reviewed on 08 May 2019

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