Schilling Cider, WA, US

picture of Schilling Cider King's Shilling submitted by cidersays
picture of Schilling Cider King's Shilling submitted by cidersays

King's Shilling

ABV: 6.5%

Semi-sweet, and a little funky.

Taste Properties


reviewer herharmony23
herharmony23 (2591) said:
I like the flavour of this one quite a bit! It's rich, distinctive, ( thus the King moniker?), nicely sweet without being cloying. It is definitely a different type of hard cider taste experience than the usual semi-sweet. I'd describe it as a combination of an Irish full bodied cider and an after dinner brandy.
Reviewed on 02 Sep 2016
reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5152) said:
This is a new seasonal (Feb-Apr) release for them, brandy barrel aged (in a Mischief Distilling barrel which aged brandy made from cider from Schilling). Very reasonably priced at $6.00 for 22oz, purchased at the Schilling Cider House. The scent was a bit off-putting (musty & sour), but the cider was tasty. Between semi-dry and semi-sweet. Notes of honey and citrus. I didn't really pick up much barrel aging influence or brandy (it says its brandy fortified, but if any was added, it wasn't much, as its only 6.5% ABV).
Reviewed on 16 Feb 2016
reviewer lizsavage
lizsavage (1886) said:
Nice and farmyard complex flavor. Tastes like it packs a punch. 6.5%. Nice. I want a pint.
Reviewed on 02 Sep 2016

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