Sheppy's, SOM, UK

picture of Sheppy's Kingston Black submitted by BushWalker
picture of Sheppy's Kingston Black submitted by BushWalker

Kingston Black

ABV: 6.5%
500 ml serving:

English style cider. Dry, somewhat tart, and having moderate bitterness.

Taste Properties


reviewer GaryG
GaryG (689) said:
I like dry ciders but this lacks a little bit of flavour and there are much dryer ciders out there just not in the sheppy's range. Good instant hits but it doesn't last. You need to keep drinking for the flavour which makes it a danger cider. Goes really well with cheese. Very light colour.
Reviewed on 29 Oct 2022
reviewer RorySkywalker
RorySkywalker (535) said:
Given 4/5 by many and I agree. It’s the flavour and short length that leaves this just short of a 5/5. Bought this in the Pewsey (UK) Co-op along with the Sheppy’s 2021 Vintage Reserve. Very light in colour and very light in fizz, it almost has a champagne taste to it which lingers for about 5-10secs and then fades. It has a nice fruitiness to it but is just shy on a bit of complexity, body and depth. The apple taste is very sharp and velvety at the same time, slightly acidic - but fresh and crisp. It’s more medium-dry than ‘dry’ I’d say with a sourness that’s pleasant and vibrant. It’s short on length but there are some tingles that linger around the back of the mouth. On the nose, there’s more going on here than in the taste. Lots of floral hints, burnt orange, oak, earth, straw and a bit of toffee - it’s all over the place. Had me sniffing it for ages trying to work it all out! It’s 6.5%ABV so you need to keep an eye on it - during my tasting session ans review it went down like water and I’m sorry now that I didn’t purchase another. I’d definitely buy it again - and as some other reviewers have suggested, may try it with a nice strong cheddar. If the taste was more interesting and deeper, this single variety Kingston Black would be heading towards a 5/5 with conviction - alas, it’s a 4/5 from me but still a very worthy, drinkable and decent medium-dry cider.
Reviewed on 29 Dec 2022
reviewer South
South (72) said:
Tastes more oak barrel than apple. Dry, light apple tasting, but has quite strong dry oaky taste.
Reviewed on 02 Oct 2020
reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13098) said:
Single variety cider, light amber in colour, and with waxy, herbal aroma. Light, crisp, dry, herbal flavour, with tones of liquorice. Perfectly drinkable and interesting cider, but, to be honest, I was expecting a little more from this.
Reviewed on 22 Feb 2018

reviewer RichardH22
RichardH22 (990) said:
Dry cider with quite a tart bitter taste, not really much flavour which is a bit disappointing from Sheppys.
Reviewed on 10 Apr 2023
reviewer Judge
Judge (17631) said:
Light yellow colour, clear with moderate fizz. Single variety cider. Fresh citrus aroma. Citrus and herbal notes. Dry, clean and crisp.
Reviewed on 27 Jan 2019


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