2 Towns Ciderhouse, OR, US

picture of 2 Towns Ciderhouse Rhubarbarian submitted by DoubleCider
picture of 2 Towns Ciderhouse Rhubarbarian submitted by DoubleCider


ABV: 5.0%

Semi-sweet, and somewhat tart.

Taste Properties


reviewer KariB
KariB (11006) said:
Slightly cloud pale gold pour with a slight pink tint and moderate carbonation. Nice fruity aroma of melon, apple and rhubarb. Taste is moderately sour and tart with the rhubarb flavor coming through nicely along with a bit of acid and tart apple at the end of the taste.
Reviewed on 24 Feb 2019
reviewer david
david (4876) said:
Nice rhubarb taste, but wow, it's tart.
Reviewed on 14 Mar 2017

reviewer herharmony23
herharmony23 (2594) said:
I actually do like this one, though I can't see where the rhubarb is involved in the flavour. It tastes tart, has undefinable fruitiness, is very cloudy.if I didn't know it was called rhubarb, I'd guess it was a sweet yellow grapefruit cider.
Reviewed on 14 Mar 2017
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reviewer DoubleCider
DoubleCider (240) said:
Very tart and cloudy. Full bodied, earthy, and rooty. Not bad, but different. It's worth a try.
Reviewed on 23 Jan 2017
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reviewer lizsavage
lizsavage (1890) said:
I Don't Usually Like Rhubarb But This Is A Nice cider. Apparently my dog likes it too. Caught him dipping in my glass.
Reviewed on 19 Dec 2015
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reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5160) said:
I don't taste rhubarb, just general mild tart fruitiness. Not bad.
Reviewed on 26 Jan 2016

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