Eden Cider, VT, US

picture of Eden Cider Windfall Orchard Ice Cider submitted by cidersays
picture of Eden Cider Windfall Orchard Ice Cider submitted by cidersays

Windfall Orchard Ice Cider

ABV: 9.0%
375 ml serving:

Ice cider. Sweet, full bodied, with rich fruit aroma.

Taste Properties


reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13060) said:
Comes in a 375 ml, long-neck, draw-cork bottle. Made by Eden, using at least 30 heirloom apple varieties from the Windfall Orchard in Cornwall, Vermont. Rich bronze colour, with a sweet, toffee apple aroma, carrying tones of liquorice and pine resin in the edge. Smooth, syrupy, and packed with fruit flavours. Apricot and peach vie with apple, and a little tartness creeps into the aftertaste, as the skin asserts itself. Very easy sipping; a glass is soon gone. Would accompany desserts like creme brulee or panna cotta with panache, or a rich, creamy cheese.
Reviewed on 15 Jun 2019

reviewer GreggOgorzelec
GreggOgorzelec (1423) said:
Masterful ice cider. Awesome acidity to balance the sweetness, amazing Apple flavor. So good.
Reviewed on 05 Jul 2018
reviewer KariB
KariB (10392) said:
Full bodied and very sweet. Strong honey flavor and mouthfeel. Can also taste some pear, brown sugar, toffee and caramel flavors.
Reviewed on 21 Aug 2018
reviewer cidersays
cidersays (5142) said:
$17 / 187ml or #27 / 375ml from Eden's online store. Concentrated notes of rich ripe baked apple, caramelized sugar, honey, stone fruit, and floral. I really enjoyed it; Eden has never disappointed.  However, this was a bit more fruity than rich, and slightly less complex than some of their others.  A lovely sipping beverage to have with dessert. My favorite Eden ice cider remains their Heirloom Blend Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Ice Cider, but they are all awesome.
Reviewed on 16 Jul 2017

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