Westons Cider, HEF, UK

picture of Westons Cider Rosie’s Pig submitted by Judge
picture of Westons Cider Rosie’s Pig submitted by Judge

Rosie’s Pig

ABV: 4.8%

English style cider. Dry, and smooth tasting.

Taste Properties


reviewer GaryG
GaryG (997) said:
Really good alternative to Old Rosie. Fruity sour aroma. More hazy than the bag in the box i got served at weatherapoons in Chepstow. Slightly drier and more acidic but with a friendlier ABV than old rosie. Slightly citric notes. A really good introduction cider
Reviewed on 29 Oct 2022
reviewer IanWhitlock
IanWhitlock (1632) said:
Beautiful Hertfordshire cider, absolutely no nonsense apple only still, cloudy drink Wonderful aroma of crisp green apples, with perhaps a hint of oak and sawdust. At 4.2% a perfect no frills session cider. Very highly recommended 🙂
Reviewed on 14 Oct 2022

reviewer Happles
Happles (88) said:
Still and slightly cloudy farmhouse style. Easy to drink. Alright for a couple tasters.
Reviewed on 07 Jan 2024
reviewer Judge
Judge (19377) said:
Light gold and still. Supposed to be cloudy but mine only has the merest hint of this. The box may need a shake! Light apple aroma. Slight earthiness to it but this is a pale imitation of Old Rosie.
Reviewed on 04 Feb 2020

reviewer cidrtikmick
cidrtikmick (1830) said:
Golden, dryish. A weaker version of Old Rosie. Unfortunately, the bag-in-box has the same problem of sediment gathering at the bottom, making my second pint undrinkable.
Reviewed on 27 Oct 2022

reviewer herharmony23
herharmony23 (2594) said:
Nice flavour, a little bitter
Reviewed on 08 Aug 2015
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