Westons Cider, HEF, UK

picture of Westons Cider Cloudy Vintage 2020 submitted by Judge
picture of Westons Cider Cloudy Vintage 2020 submitted by Judge

Cloudy Vintage 2020

ABV: 7.3%
500 ml serving:

English style cider. Dry, smooth tasting, and mild fruit taste.

Taste Properties


reviewer IanWhitlock
IanWhitlock (1600) said:
Not my first time with Westons, but this is without doubt their best cider. Made from only Hertfordshire apples this semi dry drink is wonderful. Beautiful aroma, and no acidic aftertaste, but with a genuine cider non mass produced taste, and at 7.3% well worth trying on these Autumnal evenings.
Reviewed on 16 Oct 2021

reviewer Judge
Judge (19207) said:
Golden colour, moderate fizz and slightly cloudy. Clean apple aroma. Fresh apple flavour with a little wood and a surprisingly sweet finish.
Reviewed on 13 Jun 2021

reviewer RedTed
RedTed (983) said:
A nice crisp semi sweet cider. very drinkable and well worth a few bottles. I would have preferred a bit more...funk...a bit more tartness.... that you would expect with a cloudy cider. All together, it's a tasty cider.
Reviewed on 27 Feb 2022
reviewer juliepowell30
juliepowell30 (135) said:
Classic style dry, very drinkable and easily available in supermarkets.
Reviewed on 03 Mar 2023
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