picture of Westons Cider Old Rosie Cloudy submitted by Slainte
picture of Westons Cider Old Rosie Cloudy submitted by Slainte

Old Rosie Cloudy

Westons Cider, Herefordshire, United Kingdom
ABV: 7.3%
500 ml serving: English style cider. Dry, and a little funky.

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reviewer Judge
Judge (3922) said:
Orange colour, still and very hazy. Aroma is of rich apple with some sweetness. Smooth with a strong apple flavour and some toffee in the finish. Some funk to finish.
Reviewed on 09 Nov 2019

reviewer Riamonckton
Riamonckton (54) said:
An easy, smooth, still cider. Light taste of apples and reasonable price at most supermarkets. Can be bought in a medium demijohn for around £5
Reviewed on 02 Apr 2018
reviewer RyAn
RyAn (57) said:
Old Rosie is an interesting cider. It’s still, quite bitter and gets you tipsy quickly!
Reviewed on 17 Jun 2018
reviewer missusblaze
missusblaze (134) said:
Old rosie is one of those ciders i will drink every once in a while, but its not top of my list when given a choice. On the stronger side but ever so slightly sweet.
Reviewed on 20 Nov 2017
reviewer BushWalker
BushWalker (13056) said:
Cloudy yellow, with a light apple candy aroma, carrying tones of straw and funk. Flavour is of of crisp dessert apples, with a little background sourness, andca trace of funk. Not totally unpleasant, but it's taste reminds me more of apple juice which is about to go off rather than a cider. Won't be bothering with this again.
Reviewed on 27 May 2017

reviewer GreggOgorzelec
GreggOgorzelec (1277) said:
Good tannins, decent body, but not terribly interesting.
Reviewed on 16 Sep 2019
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reviewer Ian
Ian (237) said:
Powerful stuff, slightly sweet, but does the job very quickly.
Reviewed on 24 Apr 2019
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reviewer TimothyHoward
TimothyHoward (478) said:
Another recommended shop bought cider. Could disintegrate stone from acidity yet smooth in flavour. A proper farm style cider.
Reviewed on 26 Dec 2018
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reviewer herharmony23
herharmony23 (2517) said:
Liz and Hugo thought I’d love this, and they were right! Not quite as thick flavoured as scrumpy, more like sparkling scrumpy light. And not too sweet,
Reviewed on 08 Jul 2018
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reviewer Slainte
Slainte (711) said:
Flat, weirdly sweet, not a winner for me.
Reviewed on 26 Jul 2015
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reviewer lizsavage
lizsavage (1879) said:
I am learning to enjoy the carbonation challenged ciders but Old Rosie, although this one is too dry. Nice fruity taste that definitely stands out. I also heard from a source that it is made of fresh squeezed fruit rather than concentrate.
Reviewed on 25 Jul 2015
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reviewer BethGooding
BethGooding (90) said:
Quite high ABV, tart & full bodied
Reviewed on 01 Apr 2019
reviewer esbeevor
esbeevor (149) said:
Found the nose of this one actually a little off putting as it’s pretty funky. Like the light fizz but not a favourite...
Reviewed on 26 Aug 2018
reviewer JamieSeal
JamieSeal (16) said:
An ok cider. Not a strong fan of the lack of carbonation. Would drink again but not if other cider choices available
Reviewed on 11 Aug 2017

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