Westons Cider, HEF, UK

picture of Westons Cider Signature Vintage 2023 submitted by Judge
picture of Westons Cider Signature Vintage 2023 submitted by Judge

Signature Vintage 2023

ABV: 6.8%
500 ml serving:

Dry, and noticeable astringency.

Taste Properties


reviewer RorySkywalker
RorySkywalker (616) said:
The last I tried was the 2021 version, this review is for the 2023 Henry Weston’s Signature Vintage. Hints of wood, vanilla and honey under the nose with earthy tones. But enough about the nose, how does it taste? Great. I really like it. It’s fairly sharp on the tongue and then mellows and spreads with a decent length. It tingles ever so slightly with a medium dry texture, light fizz and has a fairly deep apple taste that, if it were nose complex, would be sailing towards a 5/5. The taste is refreshing though and this cider would go so well with a good cheddar cheese, a ploughman’s lunch or better still., a good ol’ British pork pie! At 6.8%ABV, it’s not rocket fuel, but does pack a punch so you need to be careful as because it’s fairly thin on body, it flows down too easily and you could be tempted to delve into another - I know I did, drinking two 500ml bottles for this review. Overall, it’s a great cider and I’ll definitely buy it again. It has more of a ‘summer’ feel to it as it’s light and is a nigh-on perfect medium dry cider. 4/5. (I’m off to Much Marcle in a few weeks time to visit the Weston’s shop and buy the other ciders in their range, so look out for further reviews).
Reviewed on 21 Apr 2024

reviewer Judge
Judge (19207) said:
Bright golden colour, clear with moderate light fizz. Clean apple aroma with oak and vanilla. Not much apple in the flavour but it has quite a nice candied flavour with oak and a touch of spice.
Reviewed on 23 Mar 2024


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